Currently Partner and Chairman at Ambershore Group LLC, Steve has been a successful operating and financial executive for over forty years. He was Vice Chairman at Ernst & Young LLP (now EY) where he had an extensive career specializing in Corporate Finance and Consulting. Among other roles in the firm, he founded the firm’s investment banking operations and co-founded the Center for Strategic Transactions, an accelerated solutions environment designed to engage senior executives and align stakeholder priorities. ​​​​

Most recently Steve was the Chief Executive Officer of Sabre Companies, as well as its affiliates in the energy and agricultural sectors, Sabre Energy Services and BioWALL. Prior to joining Sabre, he was Partner and Managing Director of an investment and consulting firm, where he provided strategic consulting to executives and foreign governments and negotiated equity positions in a broad portfolio of companies, as well as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of a boutique investment bank specializing in mergers and acquisitions and corporate restructurings.