My goal is to help others gain measurable value from data and analytics. This value comes in a variety of different areas including work, teaching/mentoring and home.

At Teradata, the connected multi-cloud data platform company, my team members and I work with our customers to tackle their toughest business and competitive challenges by providing thought leadership, technology, and consulting. Examples include improving the allocation of network capital expenditures in a telecommunication company, understanding detailed risk and profitability within a P&C insurer, and reducing supply chain costs in a global pharmaceutical company.

As an Adjunct Professor at Bryant University and in a mentorship role at Teradata, I share my passion of data and analytics and show the value it can provide to businesses and organizations helping deliver results of improving revenue, decreasing cost, solving a regulatory requirement, or improving an outcome.

At home, I have helped two of my kids start profitable small businesses and through the power of data, being able to analyze product selection based on inventory churn and product profitability.

I was fortunate to start in this industry just out of college and after 25 years of learning and working with some of the best customers, I can’t wait for the next 20+ years.

Outside of work, I enjoy traveling to Aruba, Newport, RI, Bar Harbor, ME, cooking, and hiking with my wife, Mary Beth, and three kids, Matthew, Michael, and Emma.