I began my career with a bachelor's degree in naval architecture and later earned a master’s degree in knowledge engineering from the national university of Singapore. I worked for ten years in 3 countries as a naval architect with ship owners, operators and designers before co-founding Alpha Ori Technologies. Currently, I work as Chief Architect at Alpha Ori Technologies, where I lead all facets of platform architecture for a new niche market, Enterprise Class, Marine IoT Platform. Among other responsibilities, I manage three shared services teams within the organization: DevOps, Data Warehousing, and Data Engineering.

If you catch me outside of work, I am an adventurous traveller and an avid nature lover, and I also like meeting new people over a cup of coffee. Feel free to reach out at [email protected]

Competencies: Architecture and Solution Design, Cloud, Security & Compliance, Industrial IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, Tensor Flow, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence