Elese (Lisa) Adele Roger is Chief Information Officer at Dewberry, a position to which she was promoted in 2018. In her role, she is responsible for Dewberry’s technology, logistics and IT operations. She also leads Dewberry’s corporate initiative for Leadership and developing tomorrow’s leaders in the firm. Lisa joined Dewberry in 2017 with 28 years of experience in project management, data center management, cyber security, network administration, data storage and dissemination, planning, assessment, integration, restructuring/reorganization, and process improvement.

Prior to Dewberry, Lisa managed corporate IT reorganizations, provided strategic direction to establish cyber-capabilities building network systems, and developed hardware and software to expand an existing market space for IT into the intelligence community. She also held executive-level IT positions in companies servicing healthcare, retail, telecommunications, and state and local verticals.

Lisa has significant experience with complex negotiations, employee management and development, integration, re-structuring/re-organization and process improvement. She has a Top Secret Clearance.