Enthusiastic Partner Executive who thrives in leading a team, but just can't help getting my hands dirty and staying involved. There is nothing more satisfying than working in a team culture where everyone has a shared vision, knows the role they play in the overall team's objectives, and are recognized for the successes we all enjoy.

I strive to make sure my partners echo the strengths of my company's unique customer facing departments and work synergistically with those organizations. I look to create a true indirect sales organization.

True Partner success is defined by creating net new revenue, new market opportunities, and creating credibility in your space.

Outside of work, I have six active kids (you read that right!), and I do my best to assistant coach on all of their teams. While my ego would prefer to be the head coach, it would just be unfair to everyone when work travel trumps little league practice! I run obstacle course races to continue to challenge myself and stay active.

One personal observation...every manager should be forced to coach 5 year old soccer as part of their management training.