CEO |Founder | CIO | CTO | CISO | Entrepreneur

From optimizing global lipstick manufacturing to building software that can scan every code repository on the planet. Mr. Giambruno demonstrates expertise across Cloud, Code, Security, Big Data, Operations, and Automation. Recent automation yielded $229MM in hard savings. He has successfully combined entrepreneurial talents, technical chops, and navigation skills of a CEO / CIO / CTO / CISO in the Fortune 500 arena to deliver an interesting package. In a career spanning more than 20 years, Giambruno has led and driven global technology and security capabilities to yield competitive advantages to the company business units and to the shareholders where he worked as follows:

· TivityHealth: Cloud Transformation

· Ancilla: Integrate and automate for savings and security

· Nucleaus: Scan every open repo in the planet

· Shutterstock: Built next generation API Driven Infrastructure, moving company to the Cloud, as well as planning and executing master data and big data capabilities while upgrading security and compliance

· Tribune Company: Organized its separation into Tribune Media and Tribune Publishing. In five months, eliminated $120 million of IT costs while leapfrogging infrastructure, application, data, and security capabilities, essentially moving the company from the “Flintstone's” to the “Jetsons” age

· Revlon: Deployed internal Cloud, supporting more than 500 applications, providing over 99.9999% uptime and cost savings / avoidance of $70 million in 2 years

· Pitney Bowes: Director of Global Engineering, Security & Deployment, plus FIDA, PCI, HIPPA, and SOX