I transitioned into UnitedHealthcare to focus on enhancing the role that analytics plays in our ability to support our National Account customers. I formed the Center for Advanced Analytics to focus on analytic innovations that change the way we evaluate health care value.  This team focuses on the largest most complex clients that require a deeper and broader view of data, ranging from cost and utilization data to productivity and disability exposure.  I created a Health and Business Improvement Model (HBIM) that showcased the ability for improved health to improve an employer’s productivity and presentism.  Through these conversations I am able to change the perspective of healthcare as merely an expense to that of an asset to the employers business performance.  I also created our Health Index that helps answer a seemingly simple question: Is my population’s health improving? Leveraging risk scores, progression of disease, and health decision making we are able to help focus on the health of a population rather than only cost.  I am restlessly working on inventing the next generation of healthcare analytics.