As a lifelong advocate for diversity and inclusion, I strive to build and nurture environments where everyone feels welcomed, included, and supported to thrive - a place where they can truly bring their authentic selves to work.

Diversity and inclusion have been a pillar of IBM’s culture for 100+ years, and I am humbled to lead such a dedicated team advancing the company’s leadership in this area. Charged with carrying forward IBM’s rich heritage in advocating for equality, I’m honored to be leading the company’s global efforts to realize an inclusive workforce and culture as its Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer.

My real-world approach is focused on creating opportunities around education, skills, and career opportunities for diverse groups worldwide. Passionate about addressing societal issues impacting our employees and communities, I am not afraid to leverage the IBM brand to influence meaningful and sustainable change.

As Vice President, Leadership, Development & Inclusion, I am also responsible for the Leadership Development and Management Development portfolio for our managers and executives globally. This includes building the leadership pipeline for emerging leaders feeding into Executive Leadership placements developing IBM’s most senior talent.

With an IBM career spanning over twenty years, I have held leadership roles in HR, talent strategy and programs, executive succession and development, and have worked and lived in both the US and Asia. I hold an IBM patent and the title of “IBM Inventor” for Workforce Retention and Compensation Analytics. Prior to IBM, I worked in consulting positions at Oracle and Northup Grumman.

I am a board member of Connected DMV and Federal City Council. I enjoy volunteering with youth in the area as a Mentor with IBM’s P-TECH program in Maryland, where I live with my husband and two children.