Intenda, founded in 2001, is a software company providing the unique fraXses platform to the global market. Intenda clients are assured that they will be aligned with the latest technology trends in the market. Apart from the fraXses platform, Intenda also provides supply chain products and services, as well as bespoke solutions to customers globally, all on our own platform. Our purpose is to provide business applications and technology that make a difference to the world, using innovative thinking and tailormade solutions that allow our clients to drive their businesses forward. We see data inside out, and we are all about data. Data is what drives business, and that is what Intenda specialises in. With offices located in Africa, Europe, the United Kingdom and the USA, we have the capacity to service businesses on a broad scale across industry sectors and locations. The Intenda customer base includes clients in the following sectors: Public sector, banks, insurance, logistics, security, health, medical, petrochemical and retail. At Intenda, we are curious, tenacious and driven by a desire to progress the IT world in favour of the customer. We are building a single low-code platform to rule them all. We create world-class software that enables us and our clients to easily compete in the ever-changing landscape of information technology, from big data solutions to low-code mobile products.