Sahaj Software is a company of software artisans with deep individual expertise. Clients trust Sahaj to solve their most complex technology and innovation challenges and to create intellectual property that is core to their business. “Sahaj” means natural or simple in Sanskrit. 


Simplicity in the Sahaj way of working with clients is based on first principles thinking in computer sciences, design, and math. Without the bias of a technology-first approach, clients always see the most optimal solution choices without force-fit. Autonomous teams, unfettered by process overheads simply deliver a lot more, faster. 


Transparent pricing and continuously enabling clients to avoid ongoing dependency are simple ways to ensure a singular focus on client needs. And a culture of equitable value for all, rich work, and autonomy unlocks and amplifies the client value created.


Sahaj addresses a market need poorly addressed by incumbent business models in technology or consulting services. Their unit cost economics based on team size, leverage, and ongoing client work inhibit how they address a market shift where small highly skilled teams achieve a lot more. By design, the Sahaj way is always bigger on impact without being longer in duration or larger as teams.