Brian serves as a consultant Enterprise Architect and Strategist to numerous companies in his current role. He is helping to drive Identity, Mobile, and Security initiatives depending upon the need at various companies. He is also helping to design End User Strategies and initiatives at some of these companies.

Brian served as the Enterprise Architect & Strategist at Oath where he is focused on the internal IT and Business. In that role he was driving initiatives to lead the digital transformation effort at Oath under the CIO. He was leading the business forward as he helped internal users focus more on their work and less on the tools that they use by enabling new digital workflows for them.

Brian previously was a director at Sanofi where he headed End User Experience and Innovation. In that role, he drove initiatives to enable the organization to move forward with their end user services and applications in ways that met today’s requirement of user experience excellence. These included the new Windows 8 program, handling mobile initiatives, enabling new devices and form factors for success, building best practices for developing apps and services, and looking at ways to innovate for business success in the Sanofi environment. He worked extensively with different teams and collaborated with the business to successfully implement user experience initiatives while also helping them to innovate their current processes and practices.

He has over 20 years experience in managing and implementing IT processes. He started his career working with a multi-national New York financial company as an email architect, designing and maintaining their email and communications systems which also involved supporting their mobile computing platforms. He later moved to Sanofi where he led the x86/Microsoft server group for many years before moving into his current position.