A renowned #ChangeAgent, Andrew Nebus provides leadership, trusted advisory, and oversight. For over two decades, he has led organizations to change how they work. 

Andrew's extensive background includes building high performing teams, rethinking organizations, and executive strategy. Expertise includes architecture, data science, information security and compliance, and organizational transformation. He advises on the impact of digital transformation, evidence based decision making, AI, data privacy, Blockchain, chatbots, and how digital disruption overcomes legacy organizational culture. He has a reputation for perceptual acuity and building trusted versions of organizations. 

Andrew is currently at ASRC Federal. He supports the Federal Communications Commission's Chief Information Officer IT Transformation and other Federal agency programs. He has served as Command Staff and CIO at the Baltimore City Police Department, TAC Officer at the NJ Transit Police, and CIO of Edison, New Jersey. 

Andrew is a Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP). He holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology - Security from Western Governors University.