Wednesday, October 24, 2018 - 10:45am - 11:05am

In a digital age where inherent personal data (i.e. social media, location information, genetics, etc.) powers digital business models, humanity faces a crisis on privacy.  Property rights have evolved over the centuries with title for land rights, and patents for intellectual property.  What will privacy and ethics look like in the future?  Will inherent perosnal data gain privacy rights? Learn what the ethics and human rights will look like in a digital era from our panel of renown experts.


Tricia Wang (Moderator)

Co-Founder, Sudden Compass

Richie Etwaru

Co-Founder and CEO,

G Nagesh Rao

AAAS-Lemelson Invention Program Advisor., Eisenhower Fellow

Esteban Kolsky

Principal and Founder, Think Jar, LLC