Tuesday, October 23, 2018 - 11:35am - 12:00pm

Data is the life blood of digital business and Artficial Intelligence.  As organizations organize towards intelligent enterprises, what should organizations do to prepare themesleves for these AI driven business models?  Learn the techinques, change management, and tools to move from a gut driven to data driven culture.  Understand what the future looks like ahead.


Holger Mueller (Moderator)

VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

Armen Berjikly

Senior Director of Strategy, Ultimate Software

Chad Meley

Vice President of Product Marketing, Teradata

Eugen Winschel

Global Vice President and Head of Product Management, SAP CoPilot, SAP’s Digital Assistant for the Enterprise

Marge Breya

Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer , MicroStrategy

Sumit Gupta

VP, HPC, AI & Machine Learning, IBM Cognitive Systems