William Mark leads SRI's Information and Computing Sciences division: 250 researchers in four laboratories creating new technology in machine learning, virtual personal assistance, trusted systems, and computational biology.  In addition to leading-edge research, the group has a strong focus on commercializing technology, licensing to corporations and creating spinoff companies such as Siri, Kasisto, area17, and Ambit .  Dr. Mark serves on the board of Kasisto.

Prior to joining SRI in 1998, Dr. Mark headed the System Technology Group at National Semiconductor, focused on system-level design and implementation of silicon-based systems.  Previous positions include Lockheed Martin Palo Alto Research Laboratories; co-founder of Savoir, a company developing software tools for flexible manufacturing; and the University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute.

Dr. Mark has a Ph.D. in computer science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  His personal research interests include virtual personal assistance and mediated spaces.