I am experienced in designing effective solutions for improving education. My current work revolves around innovative approaches to integrate data into meaningful narratives that facilitate improvement. I have a patent pending for a design of data visualization displays.

As Associate Professor at California State University, Monterey Bay, I co-taught courses about and with Douglas Engelbart. I earned C.A.S from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education's Technology, Innovation, and Education Program. I am the author of “Developing an Effective Online Course” and co-author of “The Engelbart Hypothesis: Dialogs with Douglas Engelbart.” I recently published "How Douglas Engelbart Invented the Future" in Smithsonian Magazine.

I studied and worked in Cuba and lead high-level research delegations. Recently I've taken university administrators and faculty to help them understand Cuba and collaborate on research projects.

If you are interested in a research delegation or to have me speak please email me directly: [email protected]