Senior product and industry marketing executive for Cloud enterprise software companies, large and small.  

Particularly adept at leading direct and indirect cross-functional teams to bring new products and corporate initiatives to market. Regarded as a product evangelist with strong, persuasive speaking and writing skills. 

Trailblazing expert in software as a service (SaaS) and Cloud Computing. Expertise in supply chain, ERP, CRM, and ecommerce. IPO experience with E2open and NetSuite.  

People have described me as "a great team builder", "the glue that pulls together cross-functional teams", and "the One that gets things done (many times when others have failed!)", "he makes us look bigger than we really are".  

Specialties: Cross-functional leadership of enterprise software companies, global product marketing, product launches, new corporate initiatives, product positioning & messaging, pricing, S1 development, competitive analysis, analyst relations, public relations, company spokesperson.