Samantha's background spans business development, product management, and product strategy. Equal parts IQ and EQ, she currently helps spur new solutions to grand challenges through technical innovation retreats and innovation consulting at Hacktivision. Previously, she lead business development efforts at Keepsafe, a software company that makes digital privacy as easy as closing a door. As a member of the founding team of Vint, Samantha's critical work, synthesizing user research into product features, informed its evolution from a marketplace to an enterprise software product that increases retention in the fitness industry. Prior to Vint, Samantha also founded an early-stage e-commerce startup. 

Samantha also served as a consultant to over 50 of USAIDs Tech and Innovation portfolio investments across MedTech, AgriTech, EdTech, and CleanTech. Her work helped innovators scale their businesses and secure additional funding from both government and private sources, including from venture capital firms and angels. A large part of her work consisted of leveraging intellectual property assets to secure additional funding for entrepreneurs. 

Samantha's interests also span human rights and public affairs. While living in Morocco, she founded Tools for Tolerance Morocco, an international nonprofit focused on cross-cultural communication and technical skills training for disenfranchised Moroccan youth. Always agile, Samantha raised tens of thousands of dollars from individual donors, grants, as well as in-kind support from government and NGOs, and leveraged the above resources to build a technical center in Casablanca, develop the country's first human rights educational curriculum, and reach thousands of individuals.