I'm constantly driven to co-create new realities through deep analysis and creative problem solving. 

My favorite question is WHY?, and I'll ask it as many times as necessary to understand a problem space, extract insights, and test potential solutions.

As an audio engineer/producer and recording studio owner, I've helped artists achieve their creative visions. It began as more passion than business, but as the business grew I realized how rewarding it is to build a team, manage an operation, and constantly take a vision to a new level.

Embracing my entrepreneurial side, I formally invested in sharpening my business development skill set through a Master's in Technology Entrepreneurship. The program provided me with tools and support to launch a business based on Lean Startup practices. In addition to learning the methodology, I was able to gain expertise in the area of sustainable development by building Tu ĀREA, a company that foments resource security through sustainability.

I now divide my time between working with artists and growing Tu ĀREA. I'm seeking opportunities to help artists and businesses fulfill creative potential. Feel free to contact me, especially if you're interested in discussing how these worlds overlap!