Even as a kid, I wanted to make a positive change and move the world forward. I didn't want to do a job that just kept the status quo. My first thought was to be an astronaut. I went to Georgia Tech university for aerospace engineering (rocket science) to get closer to that dream. I will revisit that goal later in life.

In the meantime, I have learned the consumer internet industry from the ground up while helping build badoo.com in Moscow and then set up the London office, constructing Badoo piece by piece scaling from 0 to 70 million users. I continued on to lead several more large successful global tech projects (as you can see in detail below) and mentor many startups globally.

I now ensure that all the talented teams at AnchorFree work effectively to achieve the company’s mission of providing a secure uncensored internet to a billion people. We have already achieved over 600 million downloads of our application Hotspot Shield and others.
I believe the internet's ability to distribute knowledge and real power can drastically improve people's lives and work every day to make this happen.
I also have a massive interest in how technology and consumer adoption in the health sector can lengthen and improve people's lives. Will explore this more in the years to come.
Feel free to contact me to discuss ideas.