Merike Kaeo is Chief Network Security Architect at Double Shot Security.   She is the author of Designing Network Security, published by Cisco Press, which has been published in eight languages and is being used as a curriculum textbook in a variety of network security courses. The second edition was recently published in November 2003.

Merike was a lead member of the first Cisco security initiative, has acted as a technical advisor for numerous security start-up companies, and has been an instructor and speaker at a variety of global security-related conferences. Merike has appeared in such media as Information Security Magazine and is a regular presenter at global ISP conferences including NANOG, APRICOT and SANOG.

Merike is a member of the IEEE and was the co-chair of the IETF IPPM (IP Performance Metrics) working group from 2000-2003. Prior to founder her own company, Merike was employed by Cisco Systems, Inc., where she worked primarily on technical issues relating to router performance, network routing protocols, network design, and network security. Merike started her networking and information security career in 1988 at the National Institute of Health, designing and implementing the original FDDI backbone for the NIH campus using Cisco routers.

Merike received her BSEE from Rutgers University in 1987 and completed her MSEE degree from George Washington University in 1998.