Dr. Sullins, (Ph.D., Binghamton University (SUNY), 2002). I am a full professor of philosophy at Sonoma State University in California. My specializations are: philosophy of technology, philosophical issues of artificial intelligence/robotics, cognitive science, philosophy of science, engineering ethics, and computer ethics. My recent research interests are found in the technologies of AI and Robotics and how they inform traditional philosophical topics on the questions of life and mind.  My research explores how we might build AI that might be able to reason about ethical problems, the impact of AI and Robotics Technologies on society, and the ethical design of  autonomous machines in the home, medical, and defense domains. In this field I have written on the ethics of autonomous weapons systems, self-driving cars, personal robotics, malware, and other information technologies.  My work also crosses into the fields of computer and information technology ethics as well as the design of autonomous ethical agents. I am involved in industry consultation which began with some time spent at Xerox Palo Alto Research center in the 90s.  Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in consulting on any of my research topics.I am currently the Secretary and Treasurer of the Society for Philosophy and Technology, a position I have held for over 15 years.I was the recipient of the 2011 Herbert A Simon Award for Outstanding Research in Computing and Philosophy.  Awarded by the International Association for Computers and Philosophy