Music - Art - Thought - Books - Philosophy - Travel - Politics - Science - Film … sometimes in that order, sometimes not. And often, a lot more. Hashtag ‘Interests’ is the full list.

Otherwise … I work with people and companies that are hell-bent on improving the lives of the individual … and that keeps coming down to platforms, data and the trust in that data - often starting with who’s data is it - what can we do with it and why?

No, I did not forget ‘Sport’ in the list above.

And please don’t confuse that other site with this site we are different - though connected! You can read more about us here.

There’s Also This - which is where my online world outside of micro blog centric content resides and where all my non micro blog specific pages moved to and specifically …

THIS - a simple list of all things that tickle my fancy and thus ‘follow’.