I’m a serial left-brained CMO who values the combination of big data, marketing technology and dynamic brand marketing. I’ve helped grow companies, B2B and B2C, ranging from technology startups and digital agencies to providing leadership both as an executive and consultant to world-leading brands in the software, financial services, consumer electronics, telecommunications and aviation industries.

I am customer obsessed and share my passion with colleagues, clients, and peers alike. While it’s become popular to talk about customer experience lately, I’ve been an advocate, practitioner of the art and science of customer experience management since the beginning of digital marketing, delivering measurable results back to the business in terms of leads, conversions, loyalty and advocacy.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned about brands, content, context, social, and mobile, combined it with equal doses of analytics, automation, CRM and BI, then applied it to traditional media, digital experiences, product marketing and social engagement. The outcome is an integrated, omni-channel, data-driven approach to acquiring and retaining customers, building brand equity and contributing to the bottom line.