Jay co-founded one of the first internet service providers, Neosoft, and following that co-founded Net Explorer, one of the first Netscape and Java development companies. He has been CTO and consultant to many of the Global 2000. As a consultant he has developed a highly refined process for managing a company’s technology infrastructure, including applications, security, and network assets. Jay is a highly sought-after chief architect and problem solver and has advised a number of high profile companies on their Blockchain, AI, and IoT products. Recently, Jay has designed and built a blockchain-based solution, Capstan, to deliver trusted, immutable, and transparent collaborative workflows to the modern enterprise. 
He is on the board of the Austin Forum on Technology & Society; a member of IEEE and the Austin Blockchain Collective; a participant in the W3C Credentials Community Group, and has been a collaborator on The Open Group (ArchiMate and TOGAF) and The Linux Foundation (Hyperledger, Xen, Linux) open source projects.