Inder Monga serves as the Executive Director of Energy Sciences Network, a high-performance network interconnecting the National Laboratory System in the United States, and Division Director for Scientific Networking Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. In addition to managing the organization, his efforts are directed towards advancing networking services for collaborative and distributed science, as well as contributing to ongoing research projects including Intent-based interfaces, Software-Defined Networking, Named-Data Networking, as well as the Advanced Network Testbed Initiatives. He was selected to be ONF's Research Associate and co-leads the Next-Generation architecture activity. His work experience in the private sector has included network engineering for Wellfleet Communications and Canadian telecom company Nortel, where he focused on application and network convergence. Originally from India, Monga spent about 19 years in the greater Boston area before moving to the Bay area. He earned his undergraduate degree in electrical/electronics engineering from Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur, India, before coming to the U.S. to pursue his graduate studies in Boston University’s Electrical and Electronics Communication Systems Department.