Elena Toufani is the co-author of the forthcoming book Exonomics which examines the impact of exponentially growing technologies on economics, policy and business models. She is the co-founder of T Labs, a Silicon Valley based launchpad for moonshot innovation, where she has overseen the launch of Longevity University (research and education institution focused on human life extension) and Reversopedia (the reverse encyclopedia of known unknowns). A Government of Canada-funded Futurepreneur, Elena has held prior research positions in macro-economics and quantitative trading at Seeb, behavioral neuroendocrinology at the University of British Columbia, and biosenescence and longevity at Revaux. She is a founding member of the Hedge Fund for the Poor, and was previously a Steering Committee Member of CREST/BD – a collaborative research platform at UBC. Elena is an advisor to startup projects focusing on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, fintech, nano-biology, and artificial intelligence. She has degrees in political economy and psychology from Erasmus University and the University of British Columbia, and most recently, a nano-degree in deep learning (an artificial intelligence specialization) from Udacity.