Bevon Moore is an innovative entrepreneur with a unique ability to spot trends and use his skills to turn them into companies. A young entrepreneur at the age of fourteen, Bevon sold playing time on his Super Nintendo console to classmates thus launching his career in business. Bevon joined the US Navy out of High school, traveled the world experiencing a rich variety of cultures and businesses and learned about the inner workings of companies from a global standpoint, which encourage him to do something meaningful with his life.

Bevon studied Mechanical Engineering at Old Dominion University and worked for Lockheed Martin as an Engineering Supervisor overseeing a US Navel project involving sonar arrays. He also simultaneously owned and operated two successful retail video game stores. As the video game market began to move into the digital world, relying less on physical products, he sold his company and founded a new business, HASHTIV, a social media platform. HASHTIV is a unique platform that allows users to follow trends and choose what they do and do not want to see while collecting no personal data. HASHTIV is currently in beta testing with Old Dominion University and thousands of participants around the world.

In addition to running HASHTIV, Bevon launched Bit-Trainer in 2018 to educate users on how to trade cryptocurrency in real time through a series of educational information, simulated trading platforms, and live data without doing actual trades or investments. When he is not working, Bevon is a mixed martial arts instructor, and also practices and teaches yoga.

“The internet we have should be the internet we want.” – Bevon Moore, Founder of HASHTIV

HASHTIV is a unique social media platform dedicated to fostering open, safe, friendly communication among people throughout the world. Our founders realized that today’s social media environment is growing overly intrusive in our daily lives resulting in divisiveness in our relationships with friends, family, and community and raising concern over the use of our private data.

Determined to change the way the world uses social media, we launched HASHTIV in 2017 as an inclusive platform that fosters an environment of accountability, civility, kindness, collaboration, and privacy. Our community does not promote hate, racial discrimination, or cyberbullying. On HASHTIV, you can follow popular trends, share your creativity with the world, and develop lasting connections with people across town or around the globe knowing that we never collect personal data or share your content. With us, your privacy is never at risk. HASHTIV offers transparency, morality, and adheres to the highest ethical standards in business.