My vision is to break the zip code cycle for as many people as possible. That means increasing access to opportunity and knowledge to people, regardless of the random place on earth that they were born on.

The zip code cycle is the most significant factor in someone’s life today. And we're at the right point in time to start slowly breaking it in all fronts. Technology and education are two of the most powerful tools to do that. That is why I'm involved in both: working at AnchorFree to support an open internet as well as leading an education initiative in Albania to help students get scholarships abroad.

At AnchorFree, I support our goal of providing secured uncensored internet to a billion people by working with our strategic partners to advance open internet projects. AnchorFree is the creator of numerous tech solutions — such as HotspotShield — which provide 650million+ people with free, secure, and open access to the internet globally. With more and more governments censoring the internet in developing countries, the zip code cycle is becoming more vicious in restraining people’s access to information and opportunity. AnchorFree’s core mission is to continuously fight this censorship.

On the side, along with 20+ successful Albanian scholars and professionals abroad, I lead one of the largest education initiatives in Albania called the Albanian Scholarship Effort. The Albanian Scholarship Effort selects, mentors, and supports ambitious low and mid-income students get full scholarships to international boarding schools — and thus launch their academic, professional, and personal careers absent of any financial or societal limitations. And I am constantly trying to help other people start their own "X Scholarship Effort" in their own countries, and sharing their fortune with other talented kids in their origin communities.

If any of this sounds interesting, reach out!