Big business decisions are being made as the Coronavirus wreaks havoc on the health of our families, teams, customers and communities. With all the fear and concern, many executives have started looking for best practices, insights and straight talk on the potential response and impact. Join us for three different discussions on how Constellation Research sees this global threat and thinking around how to make sure business keeps moving post-COVID-19. Hosting a conference? Extending remote work policies? Employee health concerns? Loss of  trust and increased fear? We’ve got some answers.

Brand Trust in an Age of Fear and Virus


We live in an age where misinformation spreads faster than a pandemic. How do we face the virulent nature of rumors, lies and misinformation when brand trust is at stake? This webinar will take aim at the responsibilities brand leaders have in the age of Coronavirus, from the need to protect customers and employees to the role we will all play in spreading truth faster than fear.


Hosted by Liz Miller

Thursday, March 5 at Noon PT/3 PM ET


A Guide to Remote Work During COVID-19


Get a comprehensive overview of the more effective strategies, tools, and techniques to help workers stay productive remotely. Learn how to set up a high-quality remote work program or significantly improve an existing one. Aimed at both IT and businesses.


Hosted by Dion Hinchcliffe

Wednesday, March 11 at 11 AM PT/ 2 PM ET



Hosting Events Amidst A Coronavirus


Get best practice tips on how to mitigate transmission, reduce risk and exposure, and keep your live event. Learn best practices and apply public health principles from the WHO, CDD, and Johns Hopkins Public Health.  


Hosted by R “Ray” Wang

Thursday, March 12 10 AM PT/1 PM ET



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Be sure to register and join us live for these discussions to prepare for the impacts of Coronavirus on business. Let’s be proactive and prepare for what’s to come.