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Included in this snapshot:

  • Executive summary
  • Purpose and intent
  • Table of contents
  • Accelerated Pace of Change Creates the Perfect Storm for Dominating Digital Disruption
  • Political (P) Pressures Point to a Lack of Digital Proficiency in the Political Class
  1. Existing policy lags the pace of change in technology and new business models
  2. Pay-to-play legislative influence hinders disruptive business models
  • The Bottom Line: 2014 Heralds the Age of Digital Business and Digital Transformation
  1. Recognize that they no longer sell products and services, as buyers seek experiences and outcomes.
  2. Realize that B2B and B2C are dead. It's people to people, machine to machine, human to human.
  3. Focus on context as right-time relevancy beats real-time information overload
  4. Shift from engagement to personalization at scale
  5. Understand how cognitive systems will democratize data to decisions
  • Recommendations: Prepare for the Rise of Chief Digital Officers