A Comprehensive Approach Applying Disruptive Technologies To New And Existing Business Models

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - February 27, 2013 Constellation Research, the research and advisory firm focused on disruptive technology adoption announced the launch of Constellation Academy, a comprehensive technology training and certification program led by Constellation analysts.  Constellation Academy is designed for early adopters and fast followers that seek baseline knowledge on disruptive technologies and instruction on how to apply them to existing and new business models.  Constellation Academy includes two components that deliver a holistic approach to training and certification: The Constellation Best Practices Case Study series and Constellation Academy Workshops.

Constellation Academy Best Practices Case Studies Inspire and Inform 

The Constellation Academy Best Practices Case Studies highlight how early adopter and fast follower organizations have pioneered cost savings, created disruptive business models, or have pushed the envelope in innovation.  Each case study describes the business challenges faced, metrics, lessons learned, and technology solution implemented to solve the subject's business problem. Constellation Academy Best Practices Case Studies inform clients of the possibilities of successful disruptive technology implementation, and are designed for use as training material in Constellation Academy Workshops. 

Train and Certify with Constellation Academy Workshops 

Constellation Academy Workshops offer organizations an experiential training and learning experience in any of Constellation's business themes. Delivered by a Constellation analyst, learning objectives are jointly crafted to bring to life new concepts, train, and promote thought leadership inside an organization.  At the conclusion of each workshop, attendees receive Constellation certification for the workshop subject matter.  Clients may select from Constellation's pre-defined workshops, or work with a Constellation analyst to craft custom workshops to address issues specific to their organization. Constellation Academy Workshops build on the best practices experiences from Constellation Academy Best Practices Case Studies and first-hand analyst experiences.

"We launched Constellation Academy as a comprehensive approach to help clients navigate the challenges ahead.  As innovation becomes a commodity, the question is how do we create more than just incremental transformation and help our clients achieve the disruptive transformation required to stay ahead of the marketplace", said R "Ray" Wang, Principal Analyst and CEO, Constellation Research, Inc.

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