SALT LAKE CITY – April 25, 2013 Constellation Research, Inc. the research and advisory firm focused on disruptive technologies today announced the publication of “Ten Things CIOs Should Know about WebRTC: Anticipating and Preparing for Massive Disruption to Your Communications Environment and Engagement Strategies” by Constellation Vice President and Principal Analyst, Dr. E. Brent Kelly. This research report analyzes the strengths, weaknesses, and potential impact of WebRTC. This report is designed to arm CIOs with the research necessary to help them understand the potential positive and negative impacts of WebRTC on their organizations.

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This report reveals ten things CIOs should know about WebRTC including:

  • Where’s the money for you in WebRTC?
  • How WebRTC will disrupt the current communications industry
  • Why Microsoft opposes WebRTC as it is presently constituted
  • How WebRTC will play into the world of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets
  • Eight recommendations: how to prepare for WebRTC now

WebRTC is an emerging standard that enables real-time voice, video and data sharing in a web browser without the need for browser plugins.  Potentially billions of devices supporting a browser – PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets and a host of new devices – from a variety of manufacturers  will be real-time communications-enabled. This report is designed to provide CIOs and decision makers with the right balance of depth and breadth to help them understand what WebRTC can do for them as well as what it can do to them.

“WebRTC may prove to be as disruptive to communications and collaboration as the World Wide Web was for information,” said Dr. E. Brent Kelly. “The transformative power behind WebRTC is that ordinary web developers using JavaScript APIs can craft fully functioning voice, video and data collaboration applications or embed these capabilities within other applications with just a few lines of code.”

This report fits into Constellation’s business-focused research themes: The Future of Work, Consumerization of IT, Technology Optimization, and Next Gen Customer Engagement.


More information about Ten Things CIOs Should Know about WebRTC: Anticipating and Preparing for Massive Disruption to Your Communications Environment and Engagement Strategies can be found here:


Dr. E. Brent Kelly is Vice President and Principal Analyst covering [the Future of Work, Consumerization of IT, and Technology Optimization]. [Brent’s] current research focuses on the unique intersection of unified communications, cloud, video, and mobility.


Twitter: @ebkell
Geo: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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