Sanjay Saggere was born in Mumbai, India. He came over to the United States to make Columbus look good. He authored his first book "Event Marketing & Management" - the first comprehensive text on the nascent subject in 2001. An avid poet and music aficionado with a God gifted voice, he has been a live Radio Show Host on 1040AM WPBS Atlanta. He has appeared in commercials, movies and TV shows as a model. He has been cast in Lead Roles in charitable Live Theatrical shows, raising valuable funds for the benefit of children needing education and medical assistance internationally.

As an entrepreneur with Executive Leadership and Senior Management experience in large public, State Government and private start ups he has overseen Information Technology, Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Finance as well as Operations. He makes the sheer amount of lessons learned through retrospection - accumulated from both success and growth opportunities - palatable through his witty yet real exposition on ideas and thoughts that have been validated, in and by hindsight. His works are, therefore, more often than not, laced with humor and metaphors galore - to drive home a point or 2. Follow to establish a live connection with Sanjay.