Erika has a unique set of experiences contributing to the success of many types of organizations. She grew up with start-ups and has used that energy and natural sense of curiosity to reduce risk and transform businesses within BNY Mellon, a large enterprise.

At the start-ups, Erika created products, brought them to market and tested them with the marketplace. Her actions allowed firms to grow through client acquisition, be acquired and reconsider their fit for market.

BNY Mellon benefited from an idea that resulted in reengineering a $2 trillion market that was rooted in Erika’s strategic approach, natural problem-solving skills and ability to partner and lead in cross-disciplined teams. The firm continues to assign more responsibility in the areas of vendor management, client services and innovation to Erika as they recognize her demonstrable track record of innovative thinking and ability to drive change at a firm established by Alexander Hamilton in 1784.

Client interactions shape outcomes, a key principle of Erika’s approach to partnerships across all levels in an organization, with vendors and with strategic partners. Her background and experiences allow her to quickly recognize what will drive results and remove redundancies. (Background: coding, business analysis, product management, sales engineering, project/program management and management/leadership).

In order to drive innovation and creativity for organizations, Erika continues to expand her knowledge through hands on learning and collaborating with others. This provides a fresh perspective and ability to rethink “ the way we’ve always done it”. She does this by understanding context and normalizing multiple viewpoints, simplifying and enhancing the client experience.