I joined Barclays in 2015 as Head of Global Information Security Strategy and Implementation. In my role, I work with the Group Chief Information Security Officer and the Global Information Security Group to protect our technology estate, enable Barclays business lines to operate safely online, utilise cloud and mobile solutions, and innovate new security solutions. Our mission is to deliver the highest degree of privacy and security through platforms and applications that are convenient to use in an environment that is constantly changing. To achieve this mission, our group brings together over 800 experts globally across the 3 sites – Cyber Security Operations Centre, Cyber Security Assurance and Innovations Centre, and Cyber Security Controls Centre. The Global Information Security team protects over 48 million customers globally.
Cyber security is one of the fastest growing and developing fields that requires professionals to constantly innovate and challenge themselves. Fundamentally, the main product of the financial services industry is trust, and without trust, the industry can’t stay competitive. Finding the right balance between convenience, privacy and security, and time to market is challenging and rewarding for our businesses and our customers.