Ibrahim has overseen technology-led transformation and decarbonization of industries and businesses as a CTO, CDO or CIO working for Schneider Electric, Maersk and GE. Executing the transformations required changing the operating model & culture, launching new product lines & businesses, democratizing data and AI, re-architecting business models and processes and most importantly recruiting, investing in and empowering world-class technical talent.

Nowadays, Ibrahim invests in and advises smaller companies with global Fortune 1000 clients, acting as their President, CRO, CTO or COO. Several of them are raising their next rounds of funding or moving towards an exit. He also invests as a limited partner in and mentor portfolio companies of VC funds that specifically focus on identifying and scaling international technology startups in both established and emerging technology hubs.

As a board director for public and private global companies, Ibrahim enjoys working with CEOs and their management teams as they transform their business models, talent mix, make their companies more secure and create new revenue streams. He specifically contributes to the boards and creates value with his diversity of experience and deep expertise on digital transformation, cybersecurity, AI, sustainability and global expansion.

Ibrahim is very proud that most of the companies he has been a part of are the leaders in their industries and solve some of the toughest problems in the world, such as sustainability, energy transition, industry transition, enabling global trade, water scarcity, food security and population growth.

Ibrahim is deeply passionate about AI including and beyond ML and has spent the last 25 years advancing the state-of-the-art as a scientist, operationalizing AI into business applications as a leader, re-architecting processes, business models with AI and launching new product lines powered by AI as a senior executive. There are still a number of open questions and unsolved problems and he is actively involved as an investor or an advisor to help move the needle whether it is for value creation, human consumption, trust, transparency or ethics. Ibrahim also believes that, similar to what we have seen with AI over the last 20 years, cryptocurrencies and blockchain will transform, revolutionize, disrupt and redefine most of the industries and business models we have today.