Technology leader, product strategist, systems architect, and engineering practitioner in consumer and enterprise software. Executor of business goals, recognizing patterns and connecting dots. Specializing in digital strategy, enterprise product portfolio management, and building B2B2C SaaS platforms.

Ability to harmonize enterprise processes, architecture, design, and development into robust mobile, web, anddata applications for end users. Lead software engineers, quality assurance, designers, data scientists, and product management teams through all phases of the product and software development cycle, while working with the business as a contributing partner.

Extensive experience with web and mobile architectures and enterprise security. Leveraging the latest in leading technologies including Go, Java, Ruby, Node.js, Python, Scala, Javascript, React, GraphQL, Android, iOS, Flutter, SQL and NoSQL databases, Spark, Machine Learning, NLP, Chatbots, AWS and GCP cloud infrastructure, Twilio based SMS, Video,and Voice communications, Unix, Docker, Kubernetes, GitHub, CI/CD, OAuth and SSO.

Domain experience in Healthcare, Education, and Financial industries. Knowledgeable in building systems that are compliant with HIPAA, FERPA, SOX, NIST, and PCI regulations. Healthcare thought leader on HL7 FHIR, portable health records and knowledge of Epic, Cerner, and eClinical Works EMR integrations. Experience executing on complex value-based care population health initiatives involving employer and payor partnerships. Advising, investing, and technology due-diligence in HealthTech.