Marc Kermisch is a technologist, board member and adviser who is recognized as a strategic business leader that drives technology transformation and brings innovation to global organizations from <$1B to over $70B+ in revenues with budget accountability up to $200M. He has broad experience leading across global organizations and a dispersed workforce.

Marc brings an entrepreneurial approach in developing and driving strategy, forming teams, leading through challenging environments, all while delivering results. His approach to continuous learning, allows him to effectively take advantage of the ever changing business and technology trends while implementing new technologies. Leveraging this approach, he exceeds at influencing the CEO and their executive team and Board of Directors on how to optimize business strategy to take advantage of changes in the marketplace. Marc's passion and commitment to his team and belief in always paying it forward, allows him to aggressively attract new talent, while nurturing and growing his current employees.

As a leader known for being able to just "pick it up" and run with it, Marc's business acumen and deep technical expertise has led to successful implementations of large and small technology projects from SAP, Warehouse Management Systems, Cloud CRMs to Point of Sale, Analytics and Insights, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Marc has direct experience managing the direct fall out of one of the largest security breaches in Retail, which has shaped his perspective on how best to build and execute security programs. Marc sophisticated approach to managing costs and technology growth through vendor management, strategic negotiations, and using a global staffing model has led to improved operations and lower total cost of ownership.