Luis Alvarez is the Chief Information Officer for Sollensys. He is a results-driven Executive Manager in multiple areas including R&D Engineering, Operations, Manufacturing, Business Development, customer relations, and project management. He has strong experience in multiple markets, regulated industries and technologies including optical LIDAR Self Driving Autonomous Vehicles technology, AI artificial intelligence, auto industry, medical equipment, Optical, RF, IoT, industrial automation, embedded rugged computers, commercial, military and aerospace, medical, FAR/DFAR, ITAR, telecommunication. Luis managed budgets of over $120 million and organizations' revenue of $7 to $480 million. He has strong experience in leading and converting startup, small, medium companies into a successful Lean enterprises, sell and IPO. Work with investors, VC's and management in strategically growing company revenue, profits, footprint and efficiency. Participated in over 14 mergers and acquisitions.