Garry Wiseman was named Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer in October 2020, and in February 2021 assumed the leadership of the Direct-to-consumer segment. In his role at Nautilus, Inc., Mr. Wiseman oversees general management of the JRNY subscription business and the Direct segment and also coordinates software and digital initiatives to accelerate the Company’s ongoing digital transformation. Mr. Wiseman brings more 25 years of product and e-commerce capabilities, as well as expertise in designing and implementing high scale digital experiences at some of the world’s largest technology companies, including Microsoft, eBay, Salesforce and Dell.  

Prior to joining Nautilus, Inc., Mr. Wiseman served as Senior Vice President of Digital Customer Experience for Dell Technologies where he steered the company through a rapid digital transformation that led to significant year-over-year revenue increases and enhanced performance. Wiseman was responsible for, the Dell Premier B2B marketplace, all offline sales systems and in-house commerce platforms, as well as leading product management, design, engineering, and content teams. Mr. Wiseman attended Wolverhampton University and has authored eight US patents.