Constellation BT150 Resources

Congratulations on being listed to the 2025 BT150! On this page you'll find everything you need to know about announcing your recognition. 

​Promote & Publicize

Below are some ideas and materials to help you promote your recognition as a 2025 BT150. 

Press Release 

Craft your own press release. Use the template below. 

Press Release Template

Share with your Social Networks

Spread the news on your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Here are some samples:

  • [Insert Exec] was named to the 2025 #BT150, an elite list that recognizes top executives leading business transformation efforts, by @constellationr! [INSERT LINK] #businesstransformation
  • [Insert Exec] was listed as a member of the 2025 #BT150 by @constellationr! [INSERT LINK] #businesstransformation
  • I'm excited to share I was named on the @constellationr 2025 #BT150 [INSERT LINK] #businesstransformation


You may blog about being named to the BT150 on your website, but please follow the Constellation Research citation policy

Add to Your Email Signature

Promote the BT150 Badge

Download the BT150 Badge

Key Dates

  • June 11, 2024 - New BT150 executives announced 
  • July 2024 - BT150 Welcome Meetings
  • October 29, 2024 - New BT150 members inducted at BT150 ceremony at Constellation's Connected Enterprise (CCE)