VMware outlined deployment and management options for VMware Cloud to address private, public and hybrid use cases.

At VMware Explore in Las Vegas, the company, which is in process of being acquired by Broadcom, is addressing enterprise demand for multicloud workloads. A Constellation Research report by Dion Hinchcliffe recently outlined how companies were rebalancing their public and private cloud workloads. See:

Given that backdrop, VMware is working to provide more flexibility. VMware Cloud is available in five editions--Essentials, Standard, Pro, Advanced, Enterprise--with three deployment and management options. The new options include:

  • Customer Managed, where VMware Cloud is deployed in enterprise data centers or colocation partners.
  • VMware Managed, which is VMware Cloud on AWS as a managed cloud service. VMware Cloud on Equinix Metal falls into this category.
  • Provider Managed, which is available from partners including IBM Cloud.

Hinchcliffe said the VMware Cloud moves fill a void. He said:

"With today's announcements, VMware is clearly setting its sights on being a top leader in the fast-emerging multicloud frontier. By converging the strengths of its on-premises and public cloud solutions into VMware Cloud, the company aims to offer a consistent, integrated experience seamlessly across various cloud settings -- be it on-premises, hyperscale clouds, or partner-based cloud environments. Such convergence will help businesses to better manage their increasingly complex and diverse cloud terrains, highlighting VMware's intent to own the simplified multicloud management space.

Their three tailored management options – Customer Managed, VMware Managed, and Provider Managed – highlight the flexibility customers want in spreading their cloud workloads across various providers, including private cloud, where they make the most sense. This caters to businesses of varying needs and competencies, with VMware Cloud's adaptability underscored by First Citizens Bank, which they prominently cited in the news. The bank leverages VMware Cloud's consistency to integrate acquired banking systems efficiently, thereby illustrating a real-world application of VMware’s multicloud solution in streamlining operations and reducing integration risks during major business transformations, like mergers and acquisitions."

VMware also outlined NSX+, a new cloud-managed service offering of NSX for multicloud deployments. NSX+, delivered as SaaS, provides one cloud operating model that includes networking and security across VMware Cloud. NSX+ also is adding virtual private clouds.

Hinchcliffe said:

"The introduction of the new NSX+ solidifies VMware’s leadership in data center software-defined networking (SDN). NSX+ is envisioned as a one-stop cloud-managed service that consolidates networking and security needs for multi-cloud contexts. Its SaaS model and central management amplify operational simplicity, and the introduction of NSX+ Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) speaks to VMware's commitment to providing isolated, secure, and scalable cloud solutions.

The upshot of all this is that these major moves in multicloud capability seeks to position VMWare at the forefront of the multicloud age, making the often daunting aspects of dynamic cloud management more streamlined and efficient for businesses around the world."

Other announcements from VMware include:

  • Private AI services that aim to bring compute and models to enterprise data. VMware announced VMware Private AI Foundation with Nvidia and VMware Private AI Reference Architecture for Open Source.
  • AI integrations for VMware's Anywhere Workspace platform, which include virtual desktop infrastructure and apps, endpoint management, security and digital employee experience. VMware is adding Insights and Playbooks to flag anomalies and IT remediation workflows.
  • VMware Edge orchestration and management tools, services aimed at retailers and managed connectivity options.
  • Platform updates to VMware Tanzu to deliver applications across the enterprise and multiple clouds. There's also a developer portal with curated app templates and admin console.

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