SAP said Muhammad Alam will join the company's Executive Board and succeed Thomas Saueressig for the company's product engineering. Saueressig will focus on accelerating SAP customers adoption of the cloud.

The changes will be effective April 1. The move highlights how SAP is trying to move its customers to the cloud and the S/4HANA platform. SAP's Executive Board has added a new area called Customer Services & Delivery led by Saueressig.

Alam will take over product engineering. Alam joined SAP in 2022 as president and chief product officer for the company's Intelligent Spend and Business Network, which includes teams focused on procurement, travel and expense and external workflow management. Before SAP, Alam was vice president of product and engineering for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Constellation Research analyst Holger Mueller said:

"When software vendors are under pressure to create revenue from product innovation the "pièce de résistance" can be in product or in go to market. The SAP re-org shows that that board sees the challenge in the go to market - and moves the head of product - Thomas Saueressig  to the go to market and implementation. And then Head of Product - Mohammad Alam - will make sure one area that was suboptimal in the SAP product portfolio for more than a decade - will get strengthened. Expect S/4 HANA using Ariba, Concur and Fieldglass will be better than ever before in a few quarters. While this reorg is slated for the second quarter, the first quarter will feature CEO Christian Klein bringing back chief operating officer game and centralizing all COOs right away. This reorg is bold for SAP. SAP is changing its go to market, interaction with its clients, head of product and operations. The move on the whiteboard looks good, but the proof will have to be in the quarterly results in 2024."


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