Moderna said it is using OpenAI's ChatGPT Enterprise to scale custom models  across its business.

According to Moderna, the company launched its own instance of ChatGPT called mChat built on OpenAI's API. Moderna said it had 80% internal adoption initially and then it deployed ChatGPT Enterprise with analytics, image generation and GPTs.

Moderna said that it has deployed more than 750 GPTs across the company and multiple functions including legal, research, manufacturing and commercial. These assistants augment employees and offer personalized support.

One example of these GPTs is Dose ID GPT, which uses ChatGPT Enterprise to evaluate the optimal vaccine dose. Dose ID provides rationale, references to sources and generates charts of key findings.

The Moderna example is an illustration of how OpenAI is scaling its enterprise efforts beyond the reach it has with Microsoft. For instance, OpenAI's Moderna case study quotes Brice Challamel, Head of AI Products and Platforms at Moderna. saying that Moderna evaluated mChat, Copilot and ChatGPT Enterprise before making a decision.

Other takeaways on the Moderna-OpenAI partnership:

  • Moderna's 750 GPTs took about two months to create.
  • Each user has 120 ChatGPT Enterprise conversations per week on average.
  • 40% of weekly active users created GPTs.
  • The legal team has 100% adoption of ChatGPT Enterprise.