IBM will buy StreamSets and webMethods from SoftwareAG in a deal valued at €2.13 billion. IBM said the deal will bolster AI platform watsonx's ability to ingest data.

Silver Lake is Software AG's majority owner. At Software AG, webMethods and StreamSets served as the root of its integration platform-as-a-service play. IBM paid cash for StreamSets and webMethods. 

For IBM, StreamSets and webMethods will give it more API management and data integration tools. StreamSets will add to watsonx's ability to ingest data because it can access and deliver multiple data sources and types and design pipelines.

WebMethods, an API management platform, can be implemented on-premises and in the cloud.

Combined, StreamSets and webMethods have more than 1,500 customers. IBM also said the two platforms will be integrated into IBM's portfolio beyond  watsonx, including Red Hat and IBM Consulting.

Constellation Research analyst Doug Henschen said:

"IBM's purchase of webMethods and StreamSets will give it a modern integration platform as a service (iPaaS) spanning application and data integration, and, with the inclusion of StreamSets, real-time streaming use cases. Software AG had recently streamlined, modernized and integrated WebMethods and StreamSets assets into a next-generation platform it calls a Super IPaaS. The Super iPaaS also spans SAP, on-premises, hybrid and mainframe integration, so it’s a good fit for IBM." 

The deal is expected to close in the second quarter. Here’s a look at how webMethods and StreamSets ran as a pair at Software AG.

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