Google Cloud is ramping up its generative AI partnerships and customers as its Generative AI support on Vertex AI is generally available.

The company followed up on its Google I/O announcements revolving around Google Cloud models and generative AI with partnerships with the likes of SAP, Salesforce, Twilio and collaborations with Mayo Clinic. Customer announcements included Priceline, GA Telesis, and PhotoRoom.

Google Cloud's barrage of announcements highlight how vendors are moving quickly to embed generative AI into platforms. Salesforce also announced Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT and will hook up its Data Cloud with Google Cloud models.

For enterprise customers, these generative AI partnerships mean they will be able to use foundations models and build on top of them with first party data. For instance, Google Cloud's Model Garden on Vertex AI will provide models that can be tuned in its Generative AI Studio. Google Cloud is also adding Enterprise Search on Generative AI App Builder so companies can create custom chatbots and search engines.

Tech buyers should spend their time thinking through strategy and the best use cases for generative AI, said CIOs and data leaders at a recent conference. In the meantime, CXOs will have to keep pace with the rapid fire generative AI offerings from their strategic vendors.

Here's what you need to know about Google Cloud's latest enterprise generative AI efforts:

  • Google Cloud is eyeing industry use cases for its generative AI efforts. The company said that it will collaborate with Mayo Clinic to improve workflows, surface research and improve patient outcomes with Enterprise Search in Generative AI App Builder, which is HIPAA compliant. Google Cloud has been a Mayo Clinic partner.
  • Google Cloud added GA Telesis, PhotoRoom and Priceline to its customer roster for generative AI applications.
  • SAP and Google Cloud expanded their partnership. Specifically, Google Cloud will integrate its data cloud into SAP Datasphere. The general idea is to combine SAP data within Datasphere with non-SAP data on Google Cloud. See: Business process automation platform debate about to heat up
  • Twilio and Google Cloud expanded a partnership to bring Google Cloud generative AI to Twilio's customer engagement products. The two companies will natively integrate Google Cloud Contact Center AI with Twilio Flex.