Blue Yonder's acquisition of One Network Enterprises, which offers a platform for autonomous supply chain resiliency, for $829 million is a bid to become a data hub for diversified sourcing and value chain collaboration.

With the purchase, Blue Yonder, a standalone unit within Panasonic, is looking to provide a platform to plan, execute and network supply chains. One Network is known for its Digital Supply Chain Network platform.

Here's a look at One Network's platform.

Blue Yonder offers a broad supply chain management suite under its Luminate platform. The company provides supply chain planning modules, execution tools for logistics, modeling, warehouse management and fulfillment and an omni-channel commerce suite.

Supply chain transformation critical as resilience worries stack up

Duncan Angove, CEO of Blue Yonder, said the plan is to leverage One Network to become a value chain collaboration hub so enterprises can share information and resources. Angove added in a statement that Blue Yonder will be able to offer "a unified, end-to-end supply chain ecosystem that is resilient enough to withstand today’s challenges, and synthesized with innovative, future-focused technologies."

Blue Yonder has spent about $1 billion on merges and acquisitions since the fourth quarter. Blue Yonder recently announced the purchase of flexis AG, a factory planning application firm, and Doddle, which focuses on returns and reverse logistics.

Going forward, Blue Yonder plans to leverage One Network along to do the following:

  • Orchestrate and optimize supply chains across multiple tiers.
  • Automate the movement of orders from planning to fulfillment via actionable data, alerts and artificial intelligence.
  • Offer real-time visibility across the supply chain.
  • Unify data silos across the entire supply chain.
  • Offer carriers and suppliers services for everything from shipment scheduling to tracking and insights.
  • Tap into the 150,000 trading partners in One Network's platform for collaboration and streamlined processes.

Greg Brady, Chairman of One Network, said Blue Yonder's platform combined with One Network will be able to create "a resilient and collaborative supply chain."