Amazon Web Services made its case for generative AI workloads starting with developers.

At AWS' New York Summit, Swami Sivasubramanian, VP of Databases, Analytics, and ML at AWS, outlined a bevy of generative AI updates to Amazon Bedrock, introduced new models and instances and talked vector data stores.

"Generative AI has captured our imagination. I believe it'll transform every industry and business," said Sivasubramanian, who stayed on point despite having his keynote interrupted a handful of times by protesters.

AWS New York Summit came hours after both Microsoft and Google reported earnings and executives talked about generative AI driving cloud demand. AWS has been relatively quiet about its generative AI story but has the infrastructure and enterprise heft to run those workloads.

"AWS is always about providing Lego building blocks for developers. AWS Bedrock offers model selection between multiple LLMs to developers. They are about developers and always have been. Always will be," said Constellation Research analyst Andy Thurai.

Here's a look at some of the AWS updates from New York.

  • Amazon Bedrock gets new foundation models and fully managed agents. Amazon Bedrock, which is in preview, is a managed service for foundation models from the likes of Amazon, AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Cohere, and Stability AI for developers to use via API. Sivasubramanian also outlined a preview of agents for Amazon Bedrock so developers can automate the prompt engineering and orchestration of user requested tasks.
  • Amazon EC2 P5 Instances with Nvidia H100 Tensor Core GPUs. AWS said Amazon EC2 P5 instances with Nvidia's H100 GPUs are generally available.
  • AWS announced vector engine for Amazon OpenSearch Serverless, which provides an API for storing and querying billions of embeddings. AWS said all databases will have vector engines over time.
  • AWS launched AWS HealthScribe, which is a HIPAA-compliant service that automatically generates clinical notes by transcribing and summarizing physician-patient conversations.
  • Amazon QuickSight gets generative BI that allows users to ask questions about their data using natural language tools to create visuals, answers and calculations.

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