Krystal is passionate and endlessly curious about how customers make decisions and solve the problems of their lives. She loves to work at the intersection of the customer experience – product, service, digital, in-store, brand, technology, analytics, marketing and more. Krystal is a balanced right brain / left brain thinker.

She is also passionate about collaboration and believes diverse opinions and experiences drive superior outcomes. She strives to lead teams that innovate and raise the bar while operating with integrity and empathy. She has learned that she loves strategy but that culture wins.

Krystal has sector experience in consulting, hospitality and retail. Today, she has the privilege of leading extraordinary customer teams for The Home Depot, one of the most iconic companies in American history. They work to deliver the best customer experiences in home improvement – a category that truly impacts the quality of people’s lives by helping them improve their homes. She was also fortunate to work for Starwood Hotels helping to deliver memorable experiences to their guests as they traveled for business or explored the world. Krystal believes in the transformative power of travel and the soul-nurturing power of home. She has been lucky to work in both worlds.

When Krystal is not working, she spends time with her family and is proudly raising two wonderful children along with her husband.